Our Materials for Health Lab, is developing advanced materials for transformative sustainable healthcare. Specifically, to develop materials that can detect and diagnose the presence of disease at point-of-care. Health and Well-being is the third goal of the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and our research is seeking to contribute to sustaining healthcare, democratising healthcare and tackling the ever-increasing threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Research Topics

Material developments ongoing for diagnostic and therapeutic applications:

Materials for Bacterial Infection Detection

  • Epitope imprinted polymers (artificial antibody)

Materials for Early Cancer Detection

  • Bioconjugation of biodegradable polymers for cancerous epitope detection

Materials for Minimally Invasive Detection

  • Hydrogel microneedles development
  • Imprinted conductive nanoneedles

Materials for Wound Dressings

  • Therapeutic composite fibres
  • De novo polypeptide fibres

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