Project Overview

Manufacturing in Hospital: BioMed 4.0 aims to develop a novel responsive additive technology capable of responding autonomously to feedstock and product requirements, while addressing each of the challenges present in modern 3D printing technologies. To achieve these transformative characteristics, we will integrate bio-inspired modalities (e.g. sensing, thinking and moving). We will employ novel analytical tools that enable sensing the type of material/plastic fed into the unit. This information coupled with the characteristics of the product will allow an AI-algorithm to determine the best operating conditions and operation mode. To demonstrate the transformative features of the eHD-3D unit, a range of geometrically and structurally diverse bioscaffolds will be manufactured.

Agnostic to Feedstock - Responsive Manufacturing

Work Package 1:

  • Objective: To develop a sensing strategy to determine the nature of the feedstock (polymer type) and its properties, autonomously.

Work Package 2:

  • Objective: To develop and produce the responsive eHD-3D units.

Work Package 3:

  • Objective: To manufacture proof-of-concept bioscaffold products from sensed biocompatible plastics with the eHD-3D micro factory modules.

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